The range of IT services that iKO Solutions offers is gateway to an increase in profitability for your business.


iko solutions mobile

Set your collaborators free.

In any business environment, human and computer interaction is expected, and to understand that these need to be transported during normal usage is crucial to advance your business. IKO Solutions can help define a Mobile solutions that is in tune with characteristics and requirements of  the communications, the hardware as well the software. For a business Mobilizing some aspects can  dramatically increase productivity and people's engagement. With Solutions to enable an optimal use of the information  in the daily activities, mobile strategy is the way business is growing.


iko solutions office


A major stimulation for IKO Solutions is saving your company time and money while helping you achieve your objectives. Our approach is to  take the time to evaluate your current business processes as well as tools and works closely with you to determine if there are better methods and tools to minimize overhead and maximize efficiency. We create solutions to maximize on the use of the tools at hand, and to help your company make the best of what is available.


iko solutions cloud

Many organizations are moving away from traditional models, and are reaping the benefits of using shared infrastructure. IKO Solutions knows the Cloud Solutions that can help integrate and streamline your key processes, while feeing your business up in so many ways. We understand that Solutions should adapt to the pace of each business, whether that means a slow transition into the technology or any other approach.

IKO Solutions has collaborators and industry leaders to hand hold your way to the Cloud in an easy manner,  so you can focus on your business essentials.


iko solutions peoplesoft

Stay focused on your project !

IKO Solutions has more than 15 years of Oracle PeopleSoft experience, and we are well positioned to be part of your PeopleSoft solutions. Our long history with the PeopleSoft and other ERP is not our only asset, having acquired this experience in a variety of industries, which include healthcare, banking, and the telecommunication sector, is inestimable at any level. .

With IKO Solutions as part of you PeopleSoft Solutions your business can focus on immediate return on it's investment.


iko solutions data

Organizations today need to manage, process, and store huge amounts of complex data. IKO Solutions can help you get control of your data, take on even the biggest business challenges, and turn data-driven insight into action quickly.

The portfolios of Data Solutions that IKO Solutions has experienced with is designed to meet your specific workloads, data volumes and variety.

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