The range of IT services that iKO Solutions offers is gateway to an increase in profitability for your business.


iko solutions consulting

iKO Solutions help companies think ahead, in a time when Business is evolving faster than at any other time in history.

To survive and thrive, one must imagine that future and anticipate it, therefore we thrive to factor in the future while providing present solutions. We’re confident this will give you the competitive edge in what's to come.


iko solutions applications

iKO Solutions Implementation Service offering, mainly around Oracle PeopleSoft, aims at providing the right Applications changes and support to its customers. Our Application Implementation Services, from the design stage up until delivery or deployment, has the specific needs of the customer inscribed.

We invest heavily on key factors that over time have proved to be key contributors to the success of implementations. In our long experience those factors are primarily the basic simple guidelines, such as solid testing, communication, and involvement by key staff members.


iko solutions cyberspace

The vision of a global computer network, linking all people, machines and sources of information in the world, is a reality today. iKO Solutions services utilize Cyberspace to achieve coherence and economies of scale for your Business, while focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources.

iKO Solutions Cyberspace services can benefit your Business in many forms, such a secure data storage location and computing resources for your applications, requiring no infrastructure investment.


iko solutions training

iKO Solutions knows about the effectiveness of On the Job Training, that’s why it’s probably the most popular method of training.  Because the training takes place on the job, it can be highly realistic with short and long term benefits attained. It is often inexpensive because no special equipment is needed other than what is normally used on the job, and it’s usually setup concurrently with other projects.

These are the two forms of On the job trainings, offered by IKO Solutions:
•    A structured training in a class room, scheduled during business hours, to help employees upgrade their skills.
•    On going, unscheduled, trainings during business hours, to mentor in skills used daily.

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